Don’t we all just want to have the most perfect wedding?

There can be so much excitement and fun revolved around planning, sometimes small errors can be overlooked in the midst of that… here are some important items to think about when checking your invitation proof from SBD, we want them to be perfect- just like your wedding!

Woman proofreading a text on her phone

– Grammar + Punctuation:

Mistakes can often slip through. We recommend that you re-read your invites. Double and triple checking never hurts. Have a fresh set of eyes also look them over. Sometimes seeing the same thing over and over can result in an overlook in punctuation in grammas.

Remember, that formal wedding invitation wording does not use punctuation to separate lines. Line breaks are used instead!

– Spelling of Names & Location Address:

Spelling names wrong can happen more often than you’d imagine. If there are any names that you are unsure of how to spell, double check with them! We wouldn’t want that to be the first thing they notice when opening your gorgeous invitation!

We know that your guests want to be at your wedding, and arrive on time. Triple check that every part of the address is correct. Don’t leave out the city or state!

– Date + Time + Location:

Even though the date, time and location are the most important part of an entire wedding invite, they are the most looked over part.

There have been multiple occasions where a couple has sent the wrong date or time. So please, don’t overlook the date, time, and location when proofreading your invites. Again, a second pair of eyes to look at this will never hurt!

– Consistency:

Consistency is key. If one part of your invite is going to be in a formal tone, than the whole thing needs to be in a formal tone. If your invitation is more relaxed, then that tone should be reflected also!

Woman working in a coffee shop.

– Honour vs. Honor:

Often, the spelling of this is unknown- here is a rule of thumb! Honour and favour is the correct spelling when you are getting married in a place of worship.

If you aren’t, honor and favor will work just fine.

– Readability:

Your invites to be easy to read. Stay away from using hard to read fonts and make sure that the wording is a good size.

– Read it Out Loud:

A good practice is to read your invite out loud. When you get your final proof, read it out loud to a friend. Then, have them read it. If anything sounds off when reading aloud, then it should be changed.

This is a great overall article on proofreading.

-Wedding website and QR code:

If you are adding additional wedding details (RSVP, registry, general information) to a website. Ensure that your website is active, your QR code works, and that it is easily accessible for your guests!

Check out our blog post on how to create a QR code if that is something you’d like to add to your invite!