Helpful Client Resources

These client resources will help you visualize your designs and make decisions on what is best for your special event. Please choose a category below to scroll down the page and view more about it!

Color Guides

Please see below for backing layer, envelope and insert colors. Backing layers are used to add another layer to your printed invitation, which is great for added thickness and a pop of color. The printed layer is adhered to the backing layer, and the backing layer adds a border of color around the invite. Some of the lighter cardstocks shown would work well for any inserts. Don’t see the color you want? Let us know and we can search our numerous vendors to find a color for you! These are not “ink” colors, as we print in CMYK and can print any color.

Font Guides

Below is just a SMALL sampling of some of our favorite fonts – we couldn’t possibly list all of the available options, but if you don’t see what you like here, check out or for more variety, and let us know what you like!

Paper and Printing Options

Matte (most popular):
110lb, sturdiest stock, available in natural white and bright white
(most of our colored stocks are this weight as well)

– A thicker, 130lb is available for an additional cost

105lb, metallic finish, adds a pretty sheen
(great for a more elegant look and more photo style designs)

100lb, textured and lighter weight, more authentic to vintage postcards
(this is a lighter weight cardstock, best used for postcards that mail in a clear sleeve or envelope)

110lb cover, textured, absorbs ink for a softer look
(ideal for letterpress, gold foil embossing or watercolor designs, or designs where there is not a lot of ink coverage)

– A thicker, 220lb is available for an additional cost, this can only be letterpressed or foiled

Passports/book designs can not be printed on cotton

Most of our printing is done as a 4-color process + white ink. Foil embossing and letterpress printing can be added for an additional cost. These methods of printing can elevate your design and add that something extra! Both are done using a custom metal plate that is made specifically for your order. Each paper item is then embossed (or pressed) individually with either ink (letterpress) or foil (foil embossing). Ink and color foils can be customized as well.

Guest Addressing:

Addresses, probably the most time consuming part about your stationery!

For that reason, we are happy to print your guests addresses on your mailing envelopes or postcards in a coordinating font. However, that does not include mailing them to your guests for you! If you wish for us to mail your postcards/invitations directly to your guests, please inquire about the cost for mailing services as it varies on the style of the item and quantity.
**Please note that we do not provide handwritten calligraphy at this time.


The $125 fee includes return address printing (if applicable) and 2 rounds of proofs, $10 for additional proofs. (Return address printing is always included on RSVPs and postcards). Additional proofs are $10 each.

Upload your guests addresses here, as a Word or Pages document (or copy and paste into an email) in the one-column example shown below. You can also download a Pages template here. Please click here for a Word Doc template.
(No Excel files please)

  1. Please do not number them, add extra spaces, tabs, cells, etc. and all make sure punctuation and capitalization is correct.
  2. Please email only one list (multiple files or lists can not be submitted).
  3. Please put all international addresses at the end of the list. (Domestic, or U.S. addresses should be listed first).

Please submit your addresses here. A proof of the addresses in your fonts will be emailed to you for approval before printing. Once your addresses have been approved for printing, or sent to the printer, no more addresses can be added or changed.

Your list should be provided prior to finalizing your order, as they need to be approved before we can send your order to print. Address proofs can take 2-3 days. It’s a good idea to order a few extras, or blanks for last minute guests. If you have 51 addresses, order 55 or 60. All addressed and blank invitations/save the dates will be sent to you for mailing unless you are using our mailing service.

Download the Pages example file (can open in Pages or Word)

– – – – EXAMPLE – – – –

Luis Arez Jr. and Guest
1234 Olinville Ave.
Bronx, New York 12345

Mr. & Mrs Barnhard and Family
1234 Woodland Terrace
Livingston, New Jersey 12345

Mr. John Smith
1234 Milford Drive
Central Islip, New York 12345

Mailing Service:

Due to the current volume of orders, our mailing service will be available on a case-by-case basis. Please inquire when submitting your design information to confirm if it can be accommodated for your timing. 

Serendipity’s Mailing Service will save you a lot of time, and we are here to help!

The mailing service entails:

  1. application of RSVP postage (if RSVPs are needed)
  2. stuffing the invites and any inserts in the mailing envelopes
  3. sealing the envelopes
  4. adding the mailing postage
  5. hand canceling (if needed)
  6. and mailing your invitations directly to your guests!

Any left over (or blank) invitations will be mailed directly to you. For example, if you order 55 invitations, but only have 51 that are addressed, the remaining 4 unaddressed invites will be mailed to you. We do hand deliver all invitations/postcards to a postal worker, and hand cancel each one personally to ensure the best delivery to your guests – however, Serendipity is not responsible for any lost or damaged stationery once mailed. We also can not guarantee a delivery time to your guests, or track them once mailed. 

  • $255 per 100 invitations with RSVPs/inserts
  • $175 per 100 postcards

*If you are ordering less then the 100 quantity listed above, the minimum price listed above will apply

The above pricing does not include:

  1. the price of postage (which will vary) on the size and weight of your suite
  2. the cost per guest address printing (a flat fee of $125)

At this time, we will only mail save the dates/invitations to guests within the United States – the client will be responsible for mailing any overseas stationery.

Mailing in Clear Sleeves:

Clear sleeves are technically an envelope, but cooler! Imagine getting a vintage postcard from a gift shop, or an artist print and it’s in a protective clear envelope? That’s what you wold be mailing your postcards in!

How it works:

  1. address your postcard (write directly on the postcard) or apply a label (we now offer guest address printing on postcards for a flat fee of $125)
  2. put your postcard in the clear sleeve and seal (our clear sleeves have a peel back seal, no need for adhesives)
  3. apply postage directly to the clear sleeve. That’s it!

Note: Clear sleeves cost additional postage to mail as they are considered non-machinable by the post office – this means they can not be run through the normal barcoding machines. We think it’s worth it as the clear sleeve and postcard combo is AWESOME. (Please confirm postage needed with your local post office)

How to Mail Your Invitations!

Each stationery set is unique, so postage costs will vary.
It’s best to take a completed set (including all your enclosures) to your local Post Office — they can weigh it and tell you the price for a first-class mailing.

Most of our invite designs have multiple layers of paper or little embellishments on them, such as ribbon, crystals, wood buttons, etc.
These invites should be “Hand Canceled” when mailing them to your guests! Hand canceling means your invitations will be processed BY HAND and should not go through the automated processing machines, avoiding damage. Hand canceling also minimizes the amount of stamping/barcodes on the outer envelope, so your invites will arrive much cleaner to your guests! This cost may be $0.20 extra.

Helpful tip for sealing envelopes:
Use a nifty tape gun or double-sided adhesive for sealing your envelopes, as this is much better than licking or using a water sponge…trust us! These items, or similar, are easily found on or at any scrapbooking store.

Postcards without envelopes or clear sleeves:

Simply address the postcard (or apply an address label) add your postage and mail! (4×6” postcards will require a postcard stamp. 5×7” postcards will require a First Class stamp.)

Please note that even with the heavy thickness of the cardstock we use, postcards can and most likely will get worn a bit in the mail. This is because they get sorted through a machine and barcoded – to help avoid this, ask your Post Office to “Hand Cancel” the postcards.

Postcards with clear sleeves:

You can either address the postcard directly on the back side, or you can print a label and adhere it to the back of the postcard OR the outside of the clear envelope. Make sure to put your stamp on the OUTSIDE of the clear sleeve for mailing.

Remember, clear sleeves will increase the cost of mailing your postcards, as a clear sleeve is still considered an envelope by the Post Office and requires additional postage as it can not be run through their machine.

Please watch this video, with your sound turned on, to see the mailing process explained.

Wording Examples

Below are examples of wording for your event that you can copy and paste into your design form and edit to your details – we are happy to help with wording where needed and can offer suggestions.

Please Save the Date of May 15, 2023
for the wedding of
Caley Jones
Tim Wentworthe

Lavender Hill
Wilson, Mississippi

Formal invitation to follow

– – – – – – – – – – – – – – –

Sandy toes and salty kisses,
soon we will be Mr. and Mrs!
Molly + Tom
will tie the knot
March 6, 2023
Soufriere, Saint Lucia

Formal invitation to follow

– – – – – – – – – – – – – – –

Save the Date!
Jennifer Edwards
Rick Tyler
are getting married
on Friday, June 20, 2023
in Honolulu, Hawaii

Invitation to follow

– – – – – – – – – – – – – – –

Pack your bags and get your Passports ready!
Amanda and Mark
are getting married
in Cabo San Lucas, Mexico
on Saturday, March 6, 2023

For more information, please visit:

Formal invitation to follow

Together with their parents
Julia Esabella Sanmeters
Nicholas Kristoff Demett
request the honour of your presence
at their marriage

on Sunday, the seventh of October
two thousand twenty three
at six o’clock in the evening
Mount Zion Church
11890 Leaf Avenue
Chicago, Illinois

– – – – – – – – – – – – – – –

This day we begin the adventure of a lifetime…
Please join us, along with our parents, as we

Mark Christopher Linden
Jason Brian Sterling

are united in marriage at a seaside ceremony
on Saturday, the fourth of October
two thousand twenty three
at four o’clock in the afternoon

Paradise Island
Las Conches, Lot 15
Sonora, Mexico

Reception immediately following ceremony

– – – – – – – – – – – – – – –

Mary Stevens
Chuck Henderson
have chosen the first day
of their new life together
as Saturday, the fourth of October
two thousand twenty three

You are invited to share in their joy as they exchange marriage vows
at four o’clock in the afternoon
Church by the Sea
19 Riverside Drive
Sand Key, Florida

– – – – – – – – – – – – – – –

As eternal as the waves
our love is meant to be

It is with joy that we,
Kelly Jones
Martin Keene

invite you to share in our happiness
on the tenth day of July
two thousand twenty three
at three o’clock in the afternoon

Wairnanado Beach
Honolulu, Hawaii

Beachside celebration to follow

Please Respond by June 15, 2023
Name(s) _______________________________
_____ Yes, we’re in!  _____ Number Attending
_____ Sorry, can’t make it
Dietary requirements: ______________________
Song request: ______________________

– – – – – – – – – – – – – – – –

The favor of a reply is requested before April 8, 2023
___ will attend ___ number attending
___ not able to attend

– – – – – – – – – – – – – – – –

Please Respond by June 15, 2023
Name(s) _______________________________
_____ Joyfully Accepts _____ Number Attending
_____ Regretfully Declines
Please initial each guests entree of choice:
_____ Chicken _____ Fish _____ Steak
Dietary requirements: ______________________

– – – – – – – – – – – – – – – –

You in? Please respond by April 8, 2023
Name(s) ___________________________________
___ Yes, save us  ___ beach chairs!
___ Sorry, I sunburn easily.

Stationery and Embellishment Guide

Selecting the right elements for your wedding stationery can be tricky, especially if you’re not sure of the purpose each piece serves. Here is our break-down and description of each element of your wedding invitation suite.

This card announces that you are getting married! It’s important to give your guests a heads up on this important date — especially if you are having an out of town or destination wedding! We typically design postcards for these, but our postcards can be used for any event other than save the dates!

This is special card that announces your wedding has occurred or will occur. It contains a date and description and is often used to announce and invite guests to a reception at home, usually after a destination wedding has taken place.

WEDDING INVITATION — This card invites your guests to your wedding and sets the stage for your spectacular day! Be super creative with this — no mass produced invites are found here! We can help you design a wedding invitation that is just as unique as you are.

RESPONSE CARD (RSVP) — Your guests will reply to you using this card! It can be returned to you in an envelope or mailed as postcard. Or just a card that has a QR code or direction to your website for guests to RSVP online.

RESPONSE CARD ENVELOPE — If your RSVP is not a postcard, then you’ll need a response card envelope. Typically an A2 envelope, your RSVP will be sized to fit inside.

INSERT CARD — This small card can be used for a reception, direction card, registry card, accommodations or any other additional information your guests will need.

INNER ENVELOPE — This envelope is optional and allows you to be more specific about who you are inviting to your wedding. This envelope holds the invitations and is placed inside the outer envelope for mailing.

OUTER ENVELOPE — The inner envelope (optional) is placed inside the outer envelope, which is addressed and mailed to your guests.

RAFFIA — A natural tie that is seen on many of our invitations and luggage tag inserts or RSVP. When used as a tie, it can be wrapped around the invitation with a bow or laced through a wooden charm. Colors are limited and hard to match, so we typically use natural.

BAKERS TWINE — A thin piece of yarn that is seen around many of our invitations. When used as a tie, it can be wrapped around the invitation with a bow or laced through a small tag. We can try to match the color of the bakers twine to your custom wedding invitation.

RIBBON — Satin or gross-grain, ribbon can be wrapped around your invitation with a bow or cut and secured with a custom wedding logo tag. Ribbon is also used in the spine of passport wedding invitations and wrapped around some boarding pass wedding invitations. We can try to match the color of the ribbon to your custom wedding invitation.

BURLAP — A natural wrap that is used around wedding invitations. Typically seen with another embellishment, such as raffia or bakers twine, burlap is not transparent and only available in brown.

SINAMAY — A natural wrap that is used around wedding invitations. Typically seen with another embellishment, such as raffia and a wooden embellishment, sinamay is transparent and only available in the natural color.

WOODEN EMBELLISHMENT — A great charm your wedding guests will love! As the name implies, it’s a wooden piece that provides depth to your invitation. These can be customized or you can use one of our stock options (airplane, starfish, palm tree, sea turtle, etc.), just let us know when you place your order. These embellishments must be used in conjunction with raffia, ribbon or bakers twine in order to secure the wooden charm to your wedding invitation.

ACRYLIC EMBELLISHMENT — A great charm your wedding guests will love! As the name implies, it’s an acrylic piece that provides depth to your invitation. These can be customized or you can use one of our stock options (airplane, starfish, palm tree, sea turtle, etc.), just let us know when you place your order. These embellishments must be used in conjunction with raffia, ribbon or bakers twine in order to secure the acrylic charm to your wedding invitation. 

SMALL TAG — A tag shaped printed cardstock that it tied around the invite to hold additional details, website, RSVP and more.

BACKING LAYER — A matte or shimmer layer adhered to your wedding invitation. It gives your wedding invitation a little more punch and a heavier feel.

ENVELOPE LINER — Usually a printed piece of paper adhered to the inside of the envelope for a pop of color or extra umph, examples include a map or pattern.

VELLUM OVERLAY/INSERT — A transparent sheet that can be printed and place on top of your wedding invitation or wrapped around it (like seen on our Air Mail Wedding Invitation).

MENU — Shows your guests what you will be eating at the reception. These are usually placed on the tables and coordinate with the wedding’s theme and colors.

TABLE CARD — Shows your guests what the table number or name is. Some of our creative couples name their tables after their favorite places!

PLACE CARD — A place card is put at a specific seat with the guest’s name.

ESCORT CARD — An escort card, typically situated on a table near the entrance to your reception room, lists a guest’s table number. It’s often tucked into a miniature envelope with the guest’s name written on the outside.

PROGRAM — Helps your guests follow your ceremony and introduces them to your wedding party. This also helps them understand some traditions you choose to incorporate in your ceremony. Special words of thanks or recognition can also be included in the program.

ITINERARY — Helps your guests see the timeline of events for the wedding and any other information your guests would need (attire, transportation, etc).

THANK YOU CARD — Thank you cards are the best way to tell your guests how much your appreciate them! It’s a good idea to address your thank you card envelopes before your wedding day, that way when you receive a gift, all you have to do is write the thank you and mail it!