Some of the most asked questions we get at SBD revolve around QR Codes.

Such as….
• How can I make a QR code?
• Why do I need one?
• Can you print one on my invitation?

Whether it be for your wedding, special event, directing guests to a particular venue, hotel, the list goes on!

Why are QR codes important? They became a “go to” after the pandemic in 2020. This eliminates any wrong website misspelling, googling, or surfing the web to find the desired information you are looking to convey. It makes it simple to just pull out a smart phone and scan it in your camera. Is it hard to create one? NO. In fact, it’s very simple.

Here at SBD, we are happy to create your website QR code for you for a small fee. We know your time is precious while you’re busy planning your big event. We can help!

If you’s rather design your own… keep reading!

Our favorite way to create a QR code is to head on over to:

Here, Canva makes it incredibly easy to quickly make a QR code for you.
Can you tell we LOVE Canva?

From here, you can decide if you want to generate a new QR code using one of their templates, or make your own. For example, we made our own template. Once that button is clicked, you can input the website details, choose the color(s) of your QR code, and create from there. In our image, we used one of our photos as a background, then added some text and our logo on the bottom. However, your image can be as detailed or minimal as you’d like.



Once finished, test it on your phone- then export & download to your desired medium. VOILA! Now you have a QR code that is perfect for you to share with family and friends.

Happy QR code creating!