vel·lum: (noun)  fine parchment that is slightly transparent/opaque.

-First things first, What is vellum?

Vellum is a thin, transparent, matte paper that has so many purposes in the stationary world.  It can be used as a sleeve for your cardstock invite, an overlay, a belly band, and can even be used to protect your invites.

-What is the difference between paper and vellum?

Both translucent (see-through) and opaque (non see-through) papers are made with cellulose fibers. When air is trapped between the fibers, paper is opaque. When air is not present in the fibers, paper is translucent (vellum).


-How do we most often use vellum?









Vellum Sleeve:

Vellum Sleeves can add a nice touch of elegance to your invites. They enclose your invite in a way that makes opening it even more special! The sleeve can also protect the other parts of the invite inside when being mailed.

Vellum Sleeve Examples in our Etsy Shop:

Watercolor Lemon & Spanish Tile- Vellum Sleeve

Boho Mexican Wedding- Vellum Sleeve

Cactus & Spanish Tile Wedding Invite- Vellum Sleeve









Vellum Overlay:

Vellum overlay could be used in many ways.

You could print literally anything you want on it.

My favorite vellum overlays feature a custom watercolor painting.

The overlay adds dimension to your invite in a way that other elements can’t.

Vellum Overlay Examples in our Etsy Shop:

Cape May Wedding Invite- Vellum Overlay

Cape Cod Wedding Invitation- Vellum Overlay

Casa Romantic, California Wedding Invitation- Vellum Overlay






Belly Band:

Belly bands are such a fun way to add a little pizazz to your invites. Lots of people add custom monograms to their belly bands but there 

are so many options. The world is your oyster!

Vellum Belly Band Examples in our Etsy Shop:

Modern Sunset Wedding Invitation- Vellum Belly Band

Black & White Modern Wedding Invitation- Vellum Belly Band

Hemingway House Compass Wedding Invitation- Vellum Belly Band









Design vs. Type:

As mentioned above, you can print a anything you’d like on vellum! Designs, logo, type, the list goes on! There are so many ways to go about using vellum to your advantage.

Vellum is a fun element to play with and can add so much dimension and elegance to your invites. Whether you are planning a wedding, birthday party, or baby shower, vellum is an AWESOME way to step it up!

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Where will you use vellum next?