Today we are talking about one of my favorite things…Custom maps!

Not only is it a fun way to spice up a wedding invite but it could be a great gift too.

Some locations that I frequently create custom maps for are Hawaii, California, New York, and Florida. I can do any location YOU desire.

Let me tell you the process to create your own custom map!


STEP ONE: Design Fee

Purchase your design fee from the SBD Etsy store (link below):

Link to purchase the Design Fee for your Custom Map

STEP TWO: Schedule a consutation or Fill out an Illustration Form

To first get started on the process you have two options.

Option 1: Schedule a consultation with me

The zoom consultation is my favorite way for us to meet. I really like to get to know your vibe.

Schedule a Zoom Consultation with me!

Option 2: Fill out an online Illustration form.

On our illustration form it asks for specific information regarding your names, email, the type of illustration you are looking for, and other details.. such as- what you are envisioning, the size you need, a reference photo, and any extra info you want to add.

Illustration Form

STEP THREE: Receive your Quote

Once you have completed your Illustration form or we had a consultation I will generate a quote for you. The price for custom maps starts at $125 and will vary depending on how complex you are wanting it.

STEP FOUR:  Start the Creative Process

Once we have talked and I have a good idea of what you are wanting I will get started with your illustration. It will take around 1-2 weeks for me to get back to you with a proof.

STEP FIVE: Receive your proof (so exciting)!

When I am done with your illustration I will send you a proof. You can either tell me you absolutely positively love it OR maybe you want to make a few changes, which isn’t a big deal.

Your design fee includes up to 2 rounds of proofs/revisions (I do take creative liberties to add in a blue sky, green grass, or whatever may help the composition)

**NOTE: You will need to provide a screenshot of the area you would like illustrated with notations of preferred landmarks, streets, etc. Some things can also be added, but may be an additional cost.**

STEP SIX: Final Product (so exciting)!

Once you are happy with the design I will go into full production mode, whether you just want a print of the map or if you want it as a part of an invitation.

I hope you all come to me for your custom illustration needs.

Creating illustrations is one of my favorite parts of my job. I hope to see all of your consultations in my calendar or your illustration forms in my inbox!