Let us all take a second and awe over this STUNNING custom wedding invitation to Hawaii!

This custom Hawaii destination invitation HAS.IT.ALL.

Envelope liners, embellishments, raffia tie, postcard, the WORKS.

At SBD, I love customizing invitations like this.

They are eye catching, bright, fun and give a true feel of what is to expect for the big day.  

Typically, to design an invite like this- I love to speak to the couple and see exactly what they are looking for.

I ask questions about what they’d like to include. For example, accommodations for hotels, RSVP details, wedding website, itinerary, etc.

Every couple has a different specification that may meet their needs.

We love to add excitement to an already exciting possibility of traveling to a loved ones destination wedding.

To start, our envelope liners add an extra little bit of fun as your guests open their invite, and a glint of excitement to actually untie the invitation to open it.

Imagine how exciting!

Your itinerary is right there, along with all the details you’d ever need for the big day.

For more details on how to customize your wedding invitation and make it extra special for your guests, head to the website below!

xoxo, Ginger